Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Families flock to Uckfield’s Easter Open Day

Uckfield firefighters provided free Easter entertainment for families at their Community Fire Station’s Open Day.

An estimated 800 visitors passed through the station’s doors to enjoy some family fun last Thursday (12th April). 

Crews laid on a host of activities for youngsters including; a fire house, seatbelt sledge, badge-making, Welephant, face painting, Bev’s Fun Factory, free fruit to promote healthy eating, dance mats and balloon making.

Firefighter Paul Henty said:

"It was fantastic to see so many families at our Open Day. This was the perfect opportunity for our firefighters to provide some holiday fun for kids, whilst interacting with the public and passing on some invaluable safety advice. Luckily for us the weather was good, despite the horrendous forecast and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves."
Safety demonstrations were also given throughout the day including a realistic scenario about a chip pan fire.
Paul added: 

“We built a living room out in the drill yard so all could see the chip pan demo. Firefighter Steve Charman simulated someone drinking at home whilst cooking. Once the chip pan caught alight he simulated throwing water on it, which like we know creates a ball of flame and then he pretended to go unconscious.
“A fire engine then turns up on the scene and sends firefighters in wearing breathing apparatus into the living room, where the smoke is coming from. They rescue Steve and then return to extinguish the fire. All this is acted out, accompanied by a narrator.”
The important messages from this display included: chip pan safety, the importance of an escape plan, what to do in the event of a fire, having and testing smoke alarms.
Another scenario played out included a road traffic collision with trapped casualties. Crews showed the public how crews would rescue them.

Paul continued:
“The purpose of this demonstration was to show that the ‘fatal four’ are the four biggest causes of death in a car accident. These include: not wearing a seatbelt, drink/drug driving, mobile phones and speeding. The purpose of the open day was to show the public what we do as a service, as well as our pro-active side demonstrating how we make East Sussex a safer place to live in.”

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