Monday, 21 May 2012

Firefighters come to the rescue of a sleeping woman

A Brighton woman who had fallen asleep in her flat while she left chips cooking in the oven had a surprise awakening when she found that firefighters had entered her property.

A concerned neighbour went to investigate after the burnt food set-off the smoke alarm in her apartment.

Even though he had a spare key to enter the property the chain was on and he was unable to reach the woman.

This was the moment that East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service were alerted and three fire engines were mobilised to the property in Blackman Street, Brighton, at 23.34pm last night (20th May).

Crew Manager Sean Beales said:

“We forced entry and once inside gave the lady a little nudge to wake her and checked her over to ensure that she was fine. We entered the smoke-logged kitchen and ensured there was no fire and the area was made safe.

"We would like to remind people about the dangers of cooking late at night and to always keep a watchful eye on your food while cooking. Never leave any cooking unattended because you could not only be putting your lives in danger but others as well. This type of call out is surprisingly common and many are still unaware of how dangerous it is to leave cooking unattended.
"May I also take this opportunity to remind people to check their smoke alarms on a weekly basis and never be tempted to remove the batteries, even for a short period of time.”

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